5 Benefits of Being A Personal Trainer

How You Too Can Go From Nobody To Highly Paid Personal Trainer Superstar

From: Lionel Lim
Singapore's #1 Fitness Entrepreneur & Brand Strategist

Dear aspiring or current personal trainer,

If you ask me, there is no perfect job that exists in the world. Yes, the grass always looks greener on the other side. Yet, considering all this, if fitness is your calling, then you should really consider becoming a fitness trainer. A fitness trainer, or personal trainer as some call it, is the closest to that ‘perfect’ job fit.

I should know as I have a wealth of first-hand experience to share with you. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2008. Like many out there, I started out as a personal trainer. And honestly, I have not looked back since. I have never been any happier since I made up my mind to become a full-time personal trainer in May 2008. I can still recall the shocked looks on the face of both my family and friends when I traded my corporate suits for gym workout attires. But like what many always say, the rest is history.

The journey over the last 7 years has been an extremely enriching and exciting one. I have learnt so much in terms of business and grown as a better person.

Let me now share with you the top 5 benefits of being a fitness trainer.


Benefit #1: You Get To Stay Healthy

This is a real no-brainer. You really do become healthier when you become a fitness trainer.

I’ll have to be brutally honest with you because if you don’t walk the talk, your clients won’t do it as well.

When I tell my clients to work out thrice a week, I make sure I do the same for myself. That’s congruence. When my clients see my actions are congruent with my words, they will similarly give their best.

Since I became a fitness trainer, I have hardly seen the doctor. And the best of it all is that exercising helps to clear my mind and gives me better focus in whatever I do.


Benefit #2: You Get To Positively Impact Your Client’s Life

become_fitness_trainer_personal_trainerMany people are motivated by extrinsic factors like pay and other forms of direct renumeration. That keeps them satisfied.

When you become a fitness trainer, you will truly understand the meaning of ‘intrinsic satisfaction’. Honestly, I never quite knew what that meant until I had the opportunity to train my first client. Seeing him improve over the weeks until he reached his fitness goal was something money could never buy.

As a fitness trainer, you get to positively impact your client’s life. Whether their goal is to build muscle or lose weight, you can be proud of yourself for being the guiding force along your client’s fitness journey. Think of your role like that of the GPS (global positioning system). Without the GPS to get someone to the destination, chances are the journey will take on a meandering route.

One might even become lost in the process.

With you as the GPS to your client, you guide your client to achieve his/her fitness goal within the stipulated time frame using the most effective training methods and mealplans.


Benefit #3: You Become Your Own Boss

This is a big one. You become your own boss when you become a fitness trainer. Because you are running your own business, you call the shots in your own fitness business. Nobody will order you around anymore.

How big you want your business to grow, or how fast your want to expand your team of personal trainers is entirely up to you. You decide, you act on it and you reap the sweet rewards thereafter.

It’s like planting your seeds in spring and harvesting the fruits of your labour in autumn.


Benefit #4: You Have Freedom Of Time

As a personal trainer, you are able to plan your own working hours. No longer do you have to report to work and finish work at a stipulated time. There is so much flexibility in your working hours that it really becomes a luxury.

Sharing from my experience, most clients normally choose to work out in the mornings (before work) or evenings (after work). This means you almost always have your afternoons free to do your own stuff.

Another useful tip I would like to share is that I normally schedule my clients on back-to-back trainings. Simply put, it means clients come for trainings at every hour. This helps to reduce waiting time on my hand and makes the day more productive.


Benefit #5: You Have Unlimited Income Potential

When you operate your own fitness business, you have unlimited income potential. You no longer have to contend with a fixed pay cheque at the end of the month.

How much you bring home at the end of month is up to your own business acumen, personal branding and salesmanship. I have leveraged on all three aspects to build a profitable fitness company over the last seven years.

We all have unlimited potential. By unlocking our true worth and rising up to our calling in the fitness world, the sky is truly the limit.

Happiness and success await you. The only question is – are you ready to become the next successful personal trainer?

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